Ray Bradbury’s 1000 Days of Reading Program

Thanks to a suggestion from Julie Duffy of Story A Day, near the end of June I watched An Evening With Ray Bradbury and decided to follow what he refers to as a program for writers: each day read an essay, a poem, and a short story. In the talk he also suggests authors one should read, and states what not to read. I’ve decided to follow the read one of each a day, but I am not as strict as Ray Bradbury in what I will qualify as appropriate reading material. I’m certain to read some fiction first published in The New Yorker.

I am currently on day 26 and it is delightful each day to decide what to read. It is like being a child and getting the choice of any toy each and everyday.

A few days in I realized that for someone like me, who hardly listens to music except for carols at Christmas, it would be good to add in listening to at least one song a day. I’m so glad I did; I asked my siblings and one of my nieces for recommendations and they did, and keep supplying more.

I’ve been keeping track by making a daily record in a notebook. I thought it would be fun to make a weekly record online to share with my family and provide links to some of the works I’ve read or listened to.

If I complete the 1000 days I will finish March 24, 2023. Onward!


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